Top 6 Best Garage Door Keypad Reviews in 2021

Looking for the best garage door keypad can be tricky. If you are too comfortable with the old ways of getting out of the car every time you approach your garage, it might seem a little alien to you. But if you are willing to make the switch, it is the most incredible gift of science!

There are several benefits of a useful garage door keypad, two of which are convenience and security. A wireless garage door keypad ensures a convenient way of living while providing best-in-class security. You can grant access to whoever you chose by merely sharing a security pin with them. The best wireless garage door keypad can provide so many advanced security features that criminals can hardly ever crack them or enter your premises illegally.

Although it can be a little complicated to set them up in the first place, some even offer detailed electrical installation processes and high maintenance expenses. So, it is crucial to take into consideration various factors that concern garage owners eventually.

It is still the numerous inherent benefits of garage door keypads that overpower the minimal difficulty one faces. One significant advantage is that one does not have to install it manually, even when replacing a garage door keypad system. The simple access feature also makes it quite an economical option for garages with multiple doors. It is effortless to get started just by installing the system and beginning to use them.

Therefore, you will find all the detailed and accurate information on the best wireless garage door keypad you can select for your garage in this buying guide. The following review will give you an insight into the qualities of safety, convenience, durability, and economy of the best wireless garage door keypads of 2021.

Best Garage Door keypads

Here is a list of the six best garage door keypads of 2021:

Chamberlain KLIK2U-P2 Keypad

Chamberlain KLIK2U-P2 Keypad


  • Compatible with all sorts of garage doors.
  • It has an advanced encryption system, like no other in the market.
  • Effortless installation in your garage.
  • It comes with a protective cover that makes it a durable product.

Description: Manufactured in 1993, Chamberlain KLIK2U-P2 is compatible with almost all kinds of American garage door openers. It is a wireless product; hence it is relatively easy to install this door keypad. It comes with complex encryption, which makes it almost impossible to hack. It is also a very durable product as it comes with a sliding cover that protects it from various external agents. The only con that this product has is that you need to remove it from the wall if you want to reprogram it.

Other than that, it is no doubt one of the best keypad garage door openers, with a set of benefits that you can enjoy. It provides high-quality security that no one else can break through illegally. It is easy to install and even more comfortable to use!

LiftMaster 877max, Light Gray

LiftMaster 877max, Light Gray


  • Unique Glow-in-the-dark feature for easy accessibility.
  • Hassle-free set-up completed in no time.
  • Includes advanced invention as it can control two doors with two different codes, right at the same time.
  • It is very convenient to have installed for people with multiple garages or a garage with numerous doors.
  • Comes with a waterproof protective layer also to smartly protect your keypad.

Description: It is the most versatile product in the market currently. LiftMaster 877 is a product that is compatible with all the LiftMaster openers that were manufactured in 1993. It is a digital door opener that runs on 4-digit codes. It is also pretty convenient to use at night, as it has a glow in the dark feature so that you don’t have to struggle to find the garage lights.

You can also grant temporary access to people with this device. The only two cons that this product has are a user manual that is hard to follow. Secondly, the device is not susceptible to cold climates. Other than that, it’s a very convenient product if you own garages with multiple doors or multiple garages.

Overhead Door OKP-BX Keypad

Overhead Door OKP-BX Keypad


  • An advanced UV-Ray resistant feature that makes it a very durable product.
  • Provides unfettered control to 3-garage doors at one given point in time.
  • Comes with batteries that provide a signal when it runs low and needs to get replaced.
  • Large, clear, and easy-to-use keypad with easy to read lighted buttons for better visibility.
  • It also provides advanced security features as with this device, and you can set your own customized personal identification number.

Description: Unlike other keypads for garage doors in the market, Overhead Door OKP-BX Keypad comes with a sliding cover. This sliding cover is a unique feature of this device, for it comes with a special additive that protects it from UV Rays and extreme weather conditions. This is one of the best features of this device that makes the device extremely durable and economical.

Other benefits, no doubt, includes the illuminated, large keypad, and the low battery alert feature. Looking at the downsides, this door opener is not compatible with modern garage doors, so if you are willing to upgrade your garage door, you have to change the device entirely. The second downside to this product is it comes with a user manual that may be a little hard to follow.

Craftsman CMXZDCG440 Keypad

Craftsman CMXZDCG440 Keypad


  • Comes with illuminated keys for visibility at night.
  • A keypad/door opener that provides hassle-free setup technology.
  • Also comes with an all-weather protection feature, which makes the device quite resistant to weather conditions.
  • Can store up to 24 4-digit pins, both temporary and permanent.

Description: It’s a device that is super easy to use – just open the cover of the keypad, put your personalized identification pin, and get access to your garage. It is a keyless device that makes your life super convenient. For one-time visitors, you can even set a single-use pin. It is a great device to have if you have only one personal garage.

But the device might offer a minor issue of weak signaling. Apart from that, it is a very convenient keypad device for personal use. The device can store up to 24 4-digit temporary and permanent pins. The encryption system of this device is super strong, so nobody can even attempt to attack your safety. Each time the keypad is activated it produces a new access signal from billions of possible combinations. This specific feature prevents the intercepting of radio signals from hackers that make the device stand out from the rest of the products in the market.

ADBIKI Universal Keypad

ADBIKI Universal Keypad


  • Compatible with all the big brands, including
  • LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Genie, Stanly, etc. except for door openers with 433.92 MHz.
  • Easy to learn with all the color know buttons that make the product stand out.
  • Offers a significant amount of security with its complex encryption system.
  • Another benefit you get here is that this device comes with a 1-year warranty.
    You can even set different codes for different doors.

Description: As the name suggests, it is a universal keypad in real life. It is also a wireless keypad, which makes it convenient to set up. At one time, this universal keypad can manage up to 2 doors. The keypad door opener attaches itself to the side of the garage opening very conveniently, without any wiring. It also offers a wide frequency signal that goes along with all the top brands of garage doors.

The two major drawbacks of this device are that it is not compatible with modern doors.

Linear LPWKP Keypad

Linear LPWKP Keypad


  • Comes with illuminated keys so that it can be used conveniently at night.
  • It is a wireless device, so it’s easy to install.
  • It comes with a built-in memory that can store around 10-different codes at once.
  • It requires 6-digit codes that ensure best-in-class security.

Description: This device is compatible with most mega code receivers. It is a great solution for multiple garage owners. It also comes with a special feature of lockout timer that disables after 10 activations. It means, if someone tries to get into your premises without the pin, it will prevent that immediately. It is not just versatile but also quite durable. Most garage owners have put their faith in this product, which can be seen from Amazon’s 4.8 ratings.

Buying Guide

To choose the best keypad garage door opener, you must consider certain factors. Keypad garage door openers are not just used for convenience; your premises’ security relies on this device. So one needs to think of all the other vital factors than sweat about cost and expenses. Here is a list of factors that you should keep in mind before deciding to get a garage door keypad for yourself.

  • Compatibility

Not all automatic keypads are compatible garage door openers. You must have complete knowledge of your garage door, specifically the year it was manufactured. Most keypads work with door models manufactured post-1993, while others do with doors manufactured in and after 1996.

But if you own a generic garage door, you might need the help of professionals in pairing the keypad with your gate.

  • Illuminated Keys

Before deciding on a keypad, make sure they come with illuminated lights. Imagine trying to get into your garage in the evening and not seeing your keypad because of the lack of light. The best part about these keypads is that they light-up by the power of batteries. So they can guide you even when there is a blackout.

  • Coding

Several keypads come with the memory of the 3-digit code. They are not very strong when it comes to offering security, for many thieves and criminals can break into your system. It is always a good idea to go with keypads that store 4-digit codes, at least.

The best keypads are those that can store 6-digit codes. Their encryption system is so strong that no one can break into them.

  • Brand

It is recommended to choose a keypad which is of the same brand as your garage door. Having a keypad from the same brand ensures less difficulty in setting up the device. We would also recommend you to not go for universal keypads.

Universal keypads are cheap, so many people go for those options. But in most cases, these people face problems after the installation procedure is over. Most of the complaints against these devices are that they don’t act to the signal of the owner’s door. In such circumstances, your security gets at stake.

  • Encryption

It is relatively easy for thieves to copy your remote controls’ signal and use a universal remote control to break into your premises illegally. That is why you need keypads with complex encryption.

Strongly encrypted keypads prevent the duplication of codes. This type of system usually makes it difficult for thieves to decrypt the code. Hence, you get the maximum security of your property.

  • Reviews

It is one of the crucial factors to keep in mind before investing in a garage door keypad. Learn about the product from people’s experiences with it. Many times, the company boasts the product in its description and feature section to make a sale. But if you go through the product reviews, you can understand how effective the product is and its pros and cons.

Another important tip – make sure you check the seller’s reputation on the website before you decide to go with a device. Seller’s reputation also provides a lot of insight into the kind of customer services you can expect from them.

  • Price

Finally, price plays a very crucial role in one’s decision-making. Many people think that cost is directly proportional to quality. But that is not the case all time. But in the case of purchasing a garage door keypad, make sure to prioritize quality, security, and durability more than the price of the keypad. Garage door keypads mainly ensure long-term safety to your family and properties. So if you purchase an excellent quality keypad that is moderately-expensive, its durability and lifetime of service will eventually make it an economical option.

You can have a predetermined budget and try to get a device within a range. But going for a keypad only because it is cheap could be a significant risk to your Safety. We highly recommend against such a decision. Even if you go with a budget make sure the keypad provides a strong encryption system.


After going through all the mentioned information, you might be having a lot of questions in your mind. But don’t worry! In this FAQ section, you will find answers to the questions that are commonly asked by people.

What are the best brands of garage door keypads in the market right now?

Answer: Currently, three brands are most trusted and considered the best in the market. They are Chamberlain, Genie, and LiftMaster.

How cheap are garage door keypads?

Answer: The price of garage door keypads varies from brand to brand. Only generic models of garage door keypads are real cheap. But for high-quality devices, you’ll have to spend more than $45.

How many garage doors can one garage keypad control?

Answer: This mostly depends on the model of the garage keypad that you choose for yourself. Usually, the best garage door keypads can control up to 10 garage doors.

Where should I install my garage door keypad?

Answer: The place to install a garage door keypad depends on you and your convenience. But the right frame of your garage door is considered an ideal location to install a garage door keypad.

What to do if the Keypad and the Receiver are not compatible with each other?

Answer: Make sure you check the keypad’s compatibility with the receiver before you make any purchase. For that, you need to have complete knowledge of your garage door model. In case the keypad and the receiver are not compatible, the garage door won’t open, and you will have to purchase and install a new one.

Final Words (Conclusion)

To conclude the buying guide, we would like to remind you that garage door keypads are safer options than garage remote controls. As mentioned earlier, thieves try to duplicate your remote controls’ signal to break into your property. But with garage door keypads, you won’t face any such risk as they come with a complex encryption system. Complex encryption of garage door keypads does not allow any third party to duplicate any signal. One needs to find the right encryption to break-in illegally, which is near to impossible.

Other than that, garage door keypads are wireless inventions. It makes these devices super easy to set up and use for your security purposes. Apart from that, these are also responsible for making your life more convenient as you can control your garage door from sitting inside your car.

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So, if you don’t want to risk your life and property while making your life more convenient, make sure to switch to the garage door opening keypads. Just follow the advice given in this buying guide, and you will undoubtedly find the right choice of keypad for yourself.

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